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ADVS Career Opportunities

Receiving a degree in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences opens a wide range of possibilities. Approximately 40% of our Animal and Dairy Science undergraduates continue their education at graduate schools and 85% of those completing the Bioveterinary Sciences emphasis go on to veterinary school.

Additionally, recent statistics show there are more job openings available nationally for individuals trained in the agricultural sciences than there are graduates to fill them. Our graduates are seizing opportunities in many different areas. Learn more about career paths specific to your studies below:



ADVS Graduate Degrees

  • Research, Teaching, and Extension at Land Grant Universities
  • Teaching at Community Colleges
  • Professional Consulting
    • Nutritionist
    • Geneticist
    • Physiologist
    • Behavioralist
    • Animal Species Specialist
  • Private Corporation Research Scientist (i.e., Purina, Pfizer & Co., Upjohn, Loomix Inc., Cargill, etc.)
  • USDA Research Scientist
  • County Agricultural Extension Agent and/or Extension Specialist
  • Manager for a Corporate-owned or syndicated ranching/farming operation for absentee owners
  • Purebred Livestock Association Executive Officer
  • Livestock Production systems Computer Analyst
  • Supervisor or Research Technician for University or USDA Animal Research Station
  • Agricultural Commodities Agent (Futures Market)
  • Agricultural Credit and Finance Management and Executive Banking positions
  • Feedlot nutritionist
  • Companion animal services (product development, manufacturing, marketing, nutrition and health products)
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
    • Animal Research
    • Animal Health and Disease
    • Animal Management
    • Animal Molecular Genetics
    • Animal Nutrition 
  • Reproduction and Development
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Law School
  • Medical School


*For other career opportunities, visit Career Services.