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ADVS Safety Requirements

Utah State University is committed to creating a safe environment and a culture of institution safety, and develops and implements safety and health programs consistent with the best practices for activities and institutions of this type.  (excerpt Policy 337.1)

The Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science department is dedicated to ensuring the compliance and information is available to all individuals in the department.  If you questions or concerns about safety at any time please contact the department office at 435-797-2162. 

Required Training:

Reporting Forms

The following form should be used to report incidents where no injury or property damage occurred:

Near Miss Reporting Form

Fill out the Workers’ Compensation form below to report an accident(s) that resulted in an injury:

Employee Injury Report Submission

Fill out the form below to report an accident(s) for any individual that resulted in an injury at USU:

Incident Injury Report Submission




ADVS Safety Agreement