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ADVS Faculty Recruitment and Mentoring

ADVS Graduate Program Office
Dr. Lee Rickords, Graduate Program Director
435-797-2195 | | AGRS 248B

Cara Allen, Graduate Program Coordinator
435-797-2162 | | AGRS 248



When looking to recruit a graduate student contact the Graduate Program Director and identifying your needs and funding options.  All applicants information will be compiled through the ADVS pre-application process. 

Submit a short description of the lab opportunity and contact information to It will be posted on the ADVS website for potential candidates.

The graduate school offers subscription to Gradschoolmatch program as well as a GRE search that can be narrowed or cast a broad net to find potential candidates. Contact Cara Allen for details.

ADVS Pre-Application Process

Prior to applying, the potential applicant must have a qualified ADVS faculty member to agree to take them into their laboratory as their Major Professor.  Direct students to our potential graduate student website at

Viewing Potential Candidates

When a candidate has submitted their information and listed you as a potential major professor a box folder link will be provided to review the application materials. You must FERPA training up to date to access view the information. 

USU Admission Requirements

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college, with a 3.0 GPA for the last 90 quarter or 60 semester credits earned, is required. An official transcripts must be sent directly to the School of Graduate Studies from each college or university previously attended (except USU).

Completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). A score equal to or above the 40th percentile in both the verbal and quantitative sections is required. If one of the scores is below the 40th percentile, a petition can be made for further consideration. Scores must be sent directly to the Graduate School.

Student recommendation request forms (included in application material) should be used to request three people to submit letters of recommendation directly to the Graduate School. Two letters of recommendation should be from faculty from whom you have taken course work.

Financial Support

Current financial support

MS student:  $13,000 stipend $1,835 health insurance cost in 2019-2020

PhD student: $15,500 stipend $1,835 health insurance cost in 2019-2020

Department assistantships the PI must provide $2,500 toward student support.

PHD students have their tuition portion paid each fall and spring semesters.  The fee portion of the tuition and fees charge are the responsibility of the student.  PI’s can fund additional stipend, tuition and/or fee support with grant funding if those fees are written into your grants.


Deadlines for students to apply for available assistantships
Fall Semester is March 1st
Spring Semester is

Departmental Forms to complete as the start of your program
Memorandum of Understanding- BS to MS
Memorandum of Understanding- MS to PHD
Memorandum of Understanding- BS to PHD
Memorandum of Understanding- ClinPathResidency

FERPA Training Link
Faculty must have a current FERPA training on file to access potential candidate information in box.