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CAAS Scholarships

The College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences and ADVS have scholarship funding available for qualified ADVS majors. During eligible time periods (typically January each year), you can apply for a scholarship online.

CAAS Scholarships

Other Scholarships

Many regional and national organizations also offer competitive scholarships for students majoring in the Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences. To learn more about these scholarships, contact ADVS advising.

ADVS Advising

Scholarship Application Tips


Please read these brief instructions before you fill out the scholarship application, doing so will increase your knowledge of the scholarship process and perhaps increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

You are also encouraged to apply for scholarships that are awarded by the University. This requires a separate application that can be obtained through the High School Relations or Financial Aids Office at Utah State University.

How do I complete the application?

Make sure your current address is legible because all correspondence is sent to this address. Complete all the blanks.

If the question does not apply to you write NA. Please check the major listed on your application for admission to make sure it is correct, if it isn't please notify the Records Office. You will not be awarded a scholarship if you are not registered in CAAS . You will not be eligible for departmental scholarships unless you are enrolled in a major administered by that department.

What happens to my application?

By submitting the application to CAAS you have two chances of being awarded a scholarship. First your application is considered by the College Scholarship Committee for tuition waivers and/or cash awards. Your application is then forwarded to your department to be considered for departmental scholarships.

Dates to Remember:

February 1: Last day to turn in scholarship applications.
April 30: The Dean's Office will mail an award or decline letter to each scholarship applicant.

Department awards are announced after the awards are announced by the Dean's Office.