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More than 200,000 college and university students participate in internship/cooperative education programs annually and the thousands of cooperating employers throughout the United States who are both mentors and beneficiaries of the extraordinary talent pool are indicative of the emphasis that will be given in the years ahead to 'experience-based learning.'

Learn more about the ADVS Summer Undergraduate Research Internship program

Most ADVS undergraduate students are required to complete an internship. Following are guidelines for your internship:


  • Junior class standing or higher
  • Animal and Dairy Science, Biotechnology, or Equine Science and Management emphasis
    • Students with an emphasis in Bioveterinary Science may complete an internship, but are not required to complete it for credit.

How to Find an Internship

  1. For general questions and information, contact Tami Spackman, ADVS Academic Advisor
  2. Search Career Services Aggie Handshake for job opportunities and internships
  3. Look at and talk to the following for possible internship opportunities:
    • ADVS advisor
    • CAAS Career Coach
    • ADVS faculty
    • Off-campus agriculture-related private enterprises or government agencies
    • Emphasis Faculty Coordinators

Internship Guidelines

At least one semester prior to the start of the internship complete the following:

  • Pick up an Internship Cooperative Agreement form from ADVS Advising Office, or download it here. Fill out a draft and submit it to the appropriate Faculty Coordinator. Coordinators are listed below: 
Emphasis Faculty Coordinator Email
Biotechnology Dr. Lee Rickords
Equine Science and Management Tami Spackman
* Bioveterinary Science students should contact the ADVS Advising Office for more information
  • Set-up an initial appointment with your assigned Faculty Coordinator. At this appointment you should plan to review application procedures and materials, such as your resume, letters of reference, health examination, etc. 
  • Submit three letters of reference to the ADVS Department Internship Faculty Coordinator. Prefer at least one (1) letter attesting to the student's character, and at least two (2) letters focusing on the student intern applicant's work ethic from previous employers who had a supervisory role.
  • Submit documentation from a physician (M.D.) indicating current health status, physical ailments, allergies, required medication, and any previous conditions that may restrict physical work. The applicant's physical exam should have been conducted within 12 months from when the student plans to be serving as an intern.
  • Once your internship file is complete, set up another appointment to meet with your Faculty Coordinator for final review of materials and to schedule interviews (if applicable) with prospective employers.

* Screening of application, evaluation, and approval are done by the appropriate Faculty Coordinator.

For further information on internships please contact:

Tami Spackman, AdvisingTami Spackman
ADVS Academic Adviser