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Animal Management

MS only (Plan A and B)

The Animal Management specialization prepares students for careers in production animal agriculture and for the many challenges facing the animal industry and commodity groups in the 21st century.

Animal Health and Disease

MS (Plan A)

PhD The Animal Health and Disease specialization provides research and extension into the discovery of factors contributing to animal health and disease. Investigators and extension specialists work collaboratively to investigate and understand diseases that commonly affect production and profitability within the livestock industry. Areas of expertise include pathology, diagnostics, infectious disease, epidemiology, veterinary medicine, and education and outreach (extension). Graduates of this program are well prepared for careers in public health, veterinary medicine, academia, government, and industry.

Animal Molecular Genetics

MS (Plan A), PhD

The Animal Molecular Genetics specialization provides academic training and research opportunities in the areas of molecular genetics and biotechnology. Our faculty provide research and training opportunities involving genetics, molecular biology, molecular reproduction and molecular diagnostics. Students will receive training for careers in various biotechnology related fields, including animal and human health, diagnostic medicine, academia, government and other biotechnology related fields.

Animal Nutrition

MS (Plan A), PhD

Studies in this area provide training and research opportunities for students interested in manipulating ruminal fermentation for the enhancement of animal production, mitigation of enteric methane emissions and/or the reduction of nutrient excretions by ruminants, development of new and novel feed additives that improve animal performance, innovations in grazing practices that optimize ruminant production and the development of feasible approaches for sustainable agriculture. Completion of a graduate degree in this area prepares students for careers in research, the feed industry, academia, government and other professional fields.

Reproduction and Development

MS (Plan A), PhD

The department has several internationally recognized faculty conducting research exploring aspects of early embryo development, differentiation, gene regulation, embryonic stem cell characteristics and applications, reproductive immunology, transgenic animal and cellular models of disease, and nuclear transfer research. Students are exposed to a wide-range of animal models in this graduate emphasis area including laboratory animals, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and horses. Completion of a graduate degree in this area prepares students for careers in animal, human, and pharmaceutical research, industry, academia, government, and other professional fields.