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Animal Nutrition and Growth Biology

Research conducted within the Animal Nutrition and Growth Biology Group has several main aims:

  • Better understand how nutrition impacts production of economically relevant livestock species
  • Gain insight into the molecular mechanisms through which growth occurs in livestock species
  • Determine the relationship through which nutrition impacts growth

Some of the specific research projects that are currently being conducted by ADVS faculty within the research area are:

  • Determining the mechanism through which anabolic implants improve growth of skeletal muscle in beef cattle
  • Understanding the role that maternal nutrition plays in development and subsequent production of the offspring
  • Determining the molecular mechanisms responsible for development of end-product tenderness in beef products
  • Studying how nutrients affect dairy cattle metabolism
  • Determining best practices for receiving beef cattle that may be mineral deficient
  • Studying the effects of grazing organic dairy heifers on different pastures on growth, health and reproductive efficiency


Primary Contact

Kara ThorntonKara Thornton-Kurth

AGRS 241

Visit her faculty profile here.