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Faculty Tools

Academic Calendar
ADVS Committees
  Current Standing Committee List
Course Evaluations
   Campuslabs link
  Link to training video for new IDEA program for faculty
Digital Measures
  Link to digital measures from
  Digital Measure Review Guide 
  Information for digital measure (access in your downloads)
Faculty Meetings

   August 12, 2021 8am to 1pm includes a meal
Kuali Link
Leave Request
Enter leave request in will take you into dashboard. You can also access it through login after you login you will find the "MyTime Dashboard" in the fourth column of the second row.
Promotion & Tenure

Provost's Office Website
Promotion & Tenure
Faculty Code
Digital Measures Login
Registrar Requirements
FERPA training link (complete every 3 years)
Registrar Forms
Grading Information
Research Information
USU Office of Research
Kuali link
CITI Training
IRB Training Requirements

Contact Cara Allen to schedule ATRC, Equine, Dairy, South Farm@ 797-2162
Contact DJ Anderson for Equine Center Arena @ 801-419-9429
University Rooms schedule at
Scheduling IT for a meeting contact: Kyle LeCheminant at 7-7009
Teaching Resources

Academic & Instructional Services
Empowering Teaching Excellence Website




Next Faculty Meeting is Tuesday, January 18th at 8:30am in AGRS 412.

Recruiting and Mentoring a graduate student

A mentor shares information and provides guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. Communicate with the student and set realistic expectations.  Committee member’s responsibilities are to support student and other committee members to create an atmosphere of success and open communication.

ADVS Graduate Handbook
USU Graduate Catalog
USU Policy Library
Rubric for defense
  1- Rubric for dissertation defense
  2- Faculty form - Rubric for dissertation defense
  3- Individual Development Plan
CAAS Professional Development link

Recruiting a student

Current Graduate Student

Mentoring Article

Helpful Student Links:

Student Health and Wellness Center
   Tips for Faculty
Disability Resource Center
USU Office of Equity
USU Office of Student Conduct
   Assisting Students in Distress
   Reporting a Student of Concern, or Student Conduct or Code violation

Helpful Safety Training Links
Environmental Health and Safety
   Lab Safety Registration
   Near Miss & Accident Reporting
Integrity and Compliance
   CITI training (responsible conduct of research)

Export Control Information: forthcoming