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Matthew Garcia

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Beef Specialist, Beef Cattle Genomics

Extension Assistant Professor

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Office Hours: By appointment
Go toOffice Location: AGRS 239
DialPhone: 435-797-2144

Educational Background

MBA, Innovation Management, Portland State University, 2009
PhD, Animal Science/Animal Genomics, Washinton State University, 2005
MS, Animal Science/Animal Genetics, New Mexico State University, 2002
BS, Animal Science/Pre-Vet, New Mexico State University, 1998

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        Academic Journal

      • Mei, C., Hong, J., Abbas Raza, S.H, Aorigele, C., Garcia, M., Xin, Y., Yang, W., Zhang, S., Zan, L., (2021). Insights into adaption and growth evolution: A comparative genomics study on two distinct cattle breeds from northern and southern China.. Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids, doi:
      • Chapman, C., Garcia, M., Walburger, M.T, (2020). Examining Trends in Pulmonary Artery Pressure (PAP) of Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, and Simmental Yearling Bulls Enrolled in the Utah Beef Improvement Association Bull Performance Test. Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, 13:2
      • Wang, S., Abbas Raza, S.H, Mei, C., Zhu, K., Garcia, M., Schreurs, N., Liang, C., Yang, X., Zan, L., (2020). Transcriptom profiling reveals differential expression of genes potentially involved in muscle and adipose tissue development of cattle. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, doi:
      • Gui, L., Haidar, S., Raza, A., Zhou, L., Garcia, M., Hassan, A., Wang, Z., (2020). Association between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in SIRT1 and SIRT2 Loci and Growth in Tibetan Sheep. Animals, doi: doi:10.3390/ani10081362
      • Chapman, C.K, Garcia, M., Kunzler, M., (2020). Evaluating Change in Performance of Black Angus, Red Angus, Hereford and Simmental Bulls Enrolled in the Utah Beef Improvement Association Bull Performance Test . Journal of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents, 13:1
      • Dallin, J., Hadfield, J., Garcia, M., Sulser, A.R, Nelson, R., Smith, J., Heaton, K., Greenhalgh, L., (2020). A Comparison of Genetic Abnormality Frequencies in a Population of Utah Commercial and Market Show Hogs. Journal of the National Association of County Agriculture Agents, 13:1
      • Khan, R., Abbas Raza, S.H, Junjvlieke, Z., Xiaoyu, W., Garcia, M., Elnour, I.E, Hongbao, W., Linsen, Z., (2019). Function and Transcriptional Function and Transcriptional Regulation of Bovine TORC2 Gene in Adipocytes: Roles of C/EBPγ, XBP1, INSM1 and ZNF263. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, doi: Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2019, 20, 4338; doi:10.3390/ijms20184338
      • Zhang, L., Li, Y., Tian, J., Zhang, D., Song, M., Haidar, S., Raza, A., Garcia, M., (2019). OmpW expressed by recombinant Lactobacillus casei elicits protective immunity against Aeromonas veronii in common carp. Microbial Pathogenesis, doi:
      • Kurz, J.P, Richards, M.P, Garcia, M., Wang, Z., (2019). Exogenous phospholipase A2affects inflammatory gene expression in primary bovine mammary epithelial cells. Journal of Dairy Research, doi: 10.1017/S0022029919000232
      • Gui, L., Abbas Raza, S.H, Garcia, M., Sun, y., Ullah, I., Han, Y., (2018). Genetic variants in the SIRT6 transcriptional regulatory region affect gene activity and carcass quality traits in indegenous Chinese beef cattle. BMC Genomics, doi:
      • Guo, H., Khan, R., Haidar, S., Ning, Y., Wei, D., Wu, S., Hosseini, S., Ullah, I., Garcia, M., Zan, L., (2018). KLF15 promotes transcription of KLF3 gene in bovine adipocytes. Gene, doi:
      • Miller, S., Mizell, M.S, Canal, A., Garcia, M.D, (2017). Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with bovine respiratory disease in a population of crossbred steers during the finishing process. Genetics and Molecular Research, 4, doi: doi:10.4238/gmr.15048861
      • Mizell, S., Miller, S.L, Royer, A.M, Thornton-Kurth, K., Garcia, M., (2017). Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms associated with growth and carcass traits located on QTL Regions previously associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease. Genetics and Molecular Research, 16:4
      • Garcia, M., (2016). Identification of SNPs located on BTA6 and BTA20 significantly associated with bovine respiratory diesease in crossbred cattle. Genetics and Molecular Research
      • Anderson, J., Walker, R., Harborth, K., Garcia, M.D, (2016). Effects of weaning method and preconditioning period on calf performance, haptoglobin concentrations, feedlot health, performance and carcass traits. Professional Animal Scientist, 32, 279-286.
      • Hill, R., Howard, T., Bondioli, K., Garcia, M., (2016). Molecular markers located on the DGAT1, CAST and LEPR genes and their associations with milk production, and fertility traits in Holstein cattle. Gnetics and Molecular Research, 15:1, doi: DOI: 10.4238/gmr.15017794
      • Garcia, M., (2016). A Comparison of F1 Steers Sired by One of Three Paternal Breed Types for Growth and Carcass Traits. EC Veterinary , 2:4, 177-181.
      • Garcia, M., (2015). Investigation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Located on 5 Candidate Genes and their Association with Tendon Injuries in a Population of Multi-Discipline Trained Horses. ECronicon Veterinary Science, 2:3, 118-123.
      • Davis, K.M, Smith, T., Bolt, B., Meadows, S., Powell, J.G, Vann, R.C, Arthington, J.D, DiLorenzo, N., Lalman, D.L, Rouquette, Jr, F.M, Hansen, G.R, Cooper, A.J, Cloud, J.E, Garcia, M., Herring, A.D, Hale, D.S, Sanders, J.O, Hairgrove, T.B, DeWitt, T.J, Riley, D.G, (2015). Digital quantification of eye pigmentation of cattle with white faces.. Journal of animal science, 93:7, 3654-60.
      • Garcia, M., (2015). Evaluation of single nucleotide polymorphisms on three candidate genes in a population of forage tested yearling bulls. Professional Animal Scientist
      • Lehmkuhler, J.W, Corriher, V.A, Larson, J.E, Reuter, R.R, Steward, R.L, Garcia, M., Duckett, S.K, (2014). Bill E.Kunkle Interdisciplinary Beef Symposium: Beef Cattle Welfare and Stress. Journal of Animal ScienceDOI: 10.2527/jas.2014-8634
      • Garcia, M., (2014). A Quantitative Comparisson of Growth and Carcass Traits from Crossbred Calves Sired by Modern Phenotype Paternal Breed vs Calves Sired by a Multi-Generational Maternal Breed. WebMed Central
      • Garcia, M., (2014). Evaluation of Candidate Genes and Subsequent Effects on Growth and Carcass Traits in Multi-Generational Sired and Modern Sired Angus Females. WebMed Central
      • Garcia, M., Matukumalli, L., Wheeler, T.L, Shackelford, S.D, Smith, T.P, Casas, E., (2010). Markers on bovine chromosome 20 associated with carcass quality and composition traits and incidence of contracting infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.. Animal biotechnology, 21:3, 188-202.
      • Garcia, M., Thallman, R.M, Wheeler, T.L, Shackelford, S.D, Casas, E., (2010). Effect of bovine respiratory disease and overall pathogenic disease incidence on carcass traits.. Journal of animal science, 88:2, 491-6.
      • Thomas, M., Amstatalden, M., Hallford, D.M, Silver, G.A, Garcia, M., Keisler, D.H, Williams, G.A, (2009). Assesement of third ventricle cerebrospinal fluid concentrations on GHRH in cattle: Correspondence with serum concentrations of GH and influences of appetite regulating peptitdes. Domestic Animal Edocrinology, 37:4
      • Jiang, Z., Michal, J.J, Chen, J., Daniels, T.F, Kunej, T., Garcia, M., Gaskins, C.T, Busboom, J.R, Alexander, L.J, Wright, Jr, R.W, Macneil, M.D, (2009). Discovery of novel genetic networks associated with 19 economically important traits in beef cattle.. International journal of biological sciences, 5:6, 528-42.
      • Thomas, M., Enns, M., Shirley, K., Garcia, M., Garrett, A., Silver, G., (2007). Associationsof DNA polymorphisms in growth hormone and its transcriptional regulators with growth and carcass traits in two populations of Brangus bulls. Genetics and Molecular Research, 30:6, 222-237.
      • Shirley, K.L, Thomas, M.G, Keisler, D.H, Hallford, D.M, Montrose, D.M, Garcia, M., (2006). A Chihuahuan desert Brangus breeding program: Feed eficiency, metabolic hormones, and puberty in heifers sired by bulls with differing expected progeny differences for growth and scrotal circumference. The Professional Animal Scientist, 22, 44-58.
      • Garcia, M., Michal, J.J, Gaskins, C.T, Reeves, J.J, Ott, T.L, Jiang, Z., (2006). Significant asociation of the calpastatin gene with fertility and longevity in dairy cattle. Animal Genetics, 37:3, 304-306.
      • Jiang, Z., De, S., Garcia, M., (2005). An independent confirmation of quantitative trait locus for milk yield and composition traits on bovine chromosome 26. Animal Breeding and Genetics, 122, 281-284.
      • Jiang, Z., Wu, X.L, Garcia, M., (2004). Comparative gene-based in silico analysis of transcriptomes in different bovine tissues and organs. Genome, 47:6, 1164-1172.
      • Wu, X.L, Griffin, K.B, Garcia, M., Jiang, Z., (2004). Census of orthologous genes and self organizing maps of biologically relevant transcriptional proteins in chickens (gallus gallus). Gene, 13:340, 213-225.
      • Obeidat, B.S, Thomas, M.G, Hallford, D.M, Bryant, W.D, Garcia, M., Lopez, R., (2002). Metabolic characteristics of multiparous Angus and Brahman cows grazing the Chihuahuan desert. Journal of Animal Science, 80, 2223-2233.
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      • Royer, A., Shivers, C., Riley, D., Elzo, M., Garcia, M., (2016). Development of Molecular Markers to Improve Future Selection Methods for Carcass Traits in Brahman and Brahman Influenced Steers. American Brahman Journal
      • Royer, A., Shivers, C., Riley, D., Elzo, M., Paschal, J., Franke, D., Garcia, M., (2014). An evaluation of genetic trends over a 10 year period from data collected from the ABBA carcass evaluation program. Amercian Braman Breeders Journal
      • Howard, T., Bonioli, K., DeRouen, S., Garcia, M., (2013). Evaluation of 54 years of centralized performance bull testing at Dean Lee Research and Extension Center. AgCenter Bulletin Research PublicationB-893
      • Garcia, M., Thomas, M.G, Parker, R., (2004). 40 year trends in the Tucumcari Performance Bull test. USDA NMSU Ag Experiment Station Report, 754

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