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Katherine Zukor

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USTAR Confocal Microscope Manager, Neuroscience

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Research Assistant Professor

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PhD, Neuroscience, University of Utah, 2010
Axon regeneration and the extracellular environment in the injured newt spinal cord
BA, Biology and Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1994


Post-doctoral Fellowship, 2012

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Post-doctoral Trainee Award (NRSA/T32), 2011

Boston Children's Hospital

Pre-doctoral Trainee Award (NRSA/T32), 2008

University of Utah

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          • Julander, J., Siddharthan, V., Park, A.H, Preston, E., Mathur, P., Bertolio, M., Wang, H., Zukor, K., Van Wettere, A., Sinex, D.G, Morrey, J.D, (2018). Consequences of in utero exposure to Zika virus in offspring of AG129 mice.. Scientific reports, 8:1, 9384.
          • Zukor, K., Wang, H., Siddharthan, V., Julander, J., Morrey, J.D, Zika virus-induced acute myelitis and motor deficits in adult interferon alpha/beta/gamma receptor knockout mice. . . J. Neurovirology
          • Zukor, K., Wang, H., Hurst, B.L, Siddharthan, V., Van Wettere, A., Pilowsky, P.M, Morrey, J.D, (2017). Phrenic nerve deficits and neurological immunopathology associated with acute West Nile virus infection in mice and hamsters. Journal of Neurovirology, 23:2, 186-204.
          • Willenberg, R., Zukor, K., Liu, K., He, Z., Steward, O., (2016). Variable laterality of corticospinal tract axons that regenerate after spinal cord injury as a result of PTEN deletion or knock-down.. The Journal of comparative neurology, 524:13, 2654-76.
          • Lim, J.H, Stafford, B.K, Nguyen, P.L, Lien, B.V, Wang, C., Zukor, K., He, Z., Huberman, A.D, (2016). Neural activity promotes long-distance, target-specific regeneration of adult retinal axons.. Nature neuroscience, 19:8, 1073-84.
          • Zukor, K., Belin, S., Wang, C., Keelan, N., Wang, X., He, Z., (2013). Short hairpin RNA against PTEN enhances regenerative growth of corticospinal tract axons after spinal cord injury.. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 33:39, 15350-61.
          • Nawabi, H., Zukor, K., He, Z., (2012). No simpler than mammals: axon and dendrite regeneration in Drosophila.. Genes & development, 26:14, 1509-14.
          • Mercer, S.E, Cheng, C.H, Atkinson, D.L, Krcmery, J., Guzman, C.E, Kent, D.T, Zukor, K., Marx, K.A, Odelberg, S.J, Simon, H.G, (2012). Multi-tissue microarray analysis identifies a molecular signature of regeneration.. PloS one, 7:12, e52375.
          • Zukor, K., He, Z., (2011). Regenerative medicine: drawing breath after spinal injury.. Nature, 475:7355, 177-8.
          • Zukor, K., Kent, D.T, Odelberg, S.J, (2011). Meningeal cells and glia establish a permissive environment for axon regeneration after spinal cord injury in newts.. Neural development, 6, 1.
          • Zukor, K., Kent, D.T, Odelberg, S.J, (2010). Fluorescent whole-mount method for visualizing three-dimensional relationships in intact and regenerating adult newt spinal cords.. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists, 239:11, 3048-57.
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