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David K. Price

David K. Price

Prof Practice Assistant Professor/Director of Equine Center
Faculty: DVM, Faculty
Location:  AGRS 250 and ATRC
Fax:  435-797-2118
Cell Phone:  (435) 563-3666
4815 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322-4815

Specialties: Science and technology of equine veterinary practice

About Me

Education and Research

  • Education
    • Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1976-1980
    • B.S./D.V.M/  Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1980-1984
    • University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, Post doctoral fellow experience surgery, 1988-1989
  • Professional Experience
    • Equine Extension Specialist/Director of Equine Center, Utah State University, Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences Department, August 2011-present.
    • Winter Relief Veterinarian, Backstretch Medicine and Surgery, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2004-2006.
    • Winter Relief Veterinarian, Equine Medicine and Surgery, Shreveport, Louisiana, 2003-2005.
    • Full Service Equine Veterinarian, Summit Creek Equine Practice, Smithfield, Utah, 1995-present.
    • Resident Veterinarian, Quail Valley Ranch, Wickenburg, Arizona, 1992-1995.
    • Resident Veterinarian, Sagewood Ranches, South Jordan, Utah and Baggs, Wyoming, 1989-1992.
    • Attending Veterinarian, BLM Horse Capture, Vernon, Utah, 1985-1989.
    • Attending Veterinarian, LaSalle Endurance Race, Moab, Utah, 1986-1988.
    • Test Barn Veterinarian, Laurel Brown Race Course, Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, South Jordan, Utah, 1986-1988.
    • 24 hour equine critical care, Intermountain Equine Neonatal Care Unit, South Jordan, Utah, 1986-1992.
    • Intermountain Equine Medical Center, South Jordan, Utah, 1984-1992.
  • Classes I Teach
    • ADVS 3100 - Equine Evaluation and Judging: This course focuses on the principles of equine confirmation and performance. Students will learn to evaluate and select a horse for a suitable purpose. Students will learn to make choices, form opinions and defend their ideas. Evaluation of young horse potential, pre-purchase, common unsoundness issues will also be discussed.
    • ADVS 4220 - Applied Equine Reproduction I: This course focuses on reproductive management of the mare. Students will focus on breeding soundness exam for open mares, foaling, estrus cycle manipulation, diagnostic ultrasound for ovulation prediction, breeding with cooled shipped or frozen semen and finally pregnancy detection and maintenance. Students are required to participate in an early morning lecture and lab using mares maintained for the Equine Science breeding program.
    • ADVS 6190/5190 - Equine Business Management: Deciding to turn your passion for horses into a profitable business requires planning. This course teaches principles of business plans, risk management, facility design, marketing and communication plans, event planning and journalism tools both general and unique to small equine businesses.
    • VM 7586 - Principles of Surgery: Students will learn surgical skills and knowledge that will allow them to contribute positively to a veterinary practice as a year one DVM student. By gradually increasing their exposure to surgical skills over the next two years, they will be prepared to perform their first live animal surgery in year 3 of their veterinary training.
  • Licenses and Accreditations
    • Current License to practice veterinary medicine in Utah and Idaho.
    • Current Federal Accrediation in Utah and Idaho.