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Allen Young

Allen Young

Associate Professor
Extension Dairy Specialist
Faculty: Faculty, Research
Location:  AGRS 236
Office Phone:  435-797-3763
Fax:  435-797-2118
Cell Phone:  435-770-6257
Utah State University
4815 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-4815

Specialties: Dairy Management, reproduction

About Me

A major goal for dairy extension is to aid dairy farmers in being productive and profitable as well as provide an unbiased resource for individuals wanting information on dairy production. My research interests are in the area of the effects of environment on production of dairy animals.

My projects can be classified into two main areas:

  1. Effects of different types of corn silage, corn products and protein supplements on nutrition of dairy cows; and
  2. Effects of environment on growth and health of dairy calves.

My research projects are currently supported by funds from the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station and industry grants.

I received my B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Reproductive Physiology from Utah State University, Logan. I then completed a doctoral degree in Dairy Physiology at Oregon State University, Corvallis in 1987. I worked at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center as an NIH Reproductive Biochemistry trainee until 1991.  I then worked at the University of New Hampshire as an Assistant Professor and Dairy Management Program coordinator. I came to Utah State University in 1997 as the Extension Dairy Specialist which includes dairy outreach programs for USU. I also conduct applied dairy research.

For Students

  • Classes I Teach
    • ADVS 1040, Records and Financial Aspects of Dairy Herd Operations, Record keeping systems, tax records, estate planning, DHI records, and computer record systems.  Principles of credit and finance.  Accessing loan sources.  Spring Semester, 3 credits.
    • ADVS 4200, Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation, Introduction to principles of physiology as they relate to the reproductive and lactation processes in domestic mammals.  Factors affecting reproductive and lactation performance and their applications in animal management.  Prerequisites: ADVS 2200; CHEM 1120, 1220, or 2310, Spring Semester, 4 credits.
    • ADVS 5130/6130, Dairy Management, Capstone course drawing together concepts and applying them to a total dairy farm management program.  Prerequisites:  ADVS 2130; ADVS 3510, 4200, 4560 (may be taken concurrently), Spring Semester, 3 credits.

Education and Research

  • Professional Experience
    • Assistant Professor and Dairy Extension Specialist, Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department, Utah State University, Logan, UT, 1997-present.
    • Assistant Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist, Animal and Nutritional Sciences Department, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hamshire, 1991-1997.
    • Research Instructor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine, Lubbock, Texas, 1990-1991.
    • NIH Postdoctoral Trainee, (Reproductive Biochemistry), Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Texas Tech Health Science Center, School of Medicine, Lubbock, Texas, 1987-1989.
  • Academic Background
    • PhD - Oregon State University, Animal Science Department, Dairy Physiology, 1987.
      • Major emphasis:  Lactational and Reproductive Physiology
      • Dissertation:  In Vitro Hormal and Metabolic Control of Bovine Mammary Glucose 6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity, Lloyd V. Swanson, Major Professor.
    • MS - Utah State University, Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences Department, Animal Physiology, 1981.
      • Major:  Reproductive Physiology, Minor: Biochemistry
      • Thesis:  Activity of Phospholipase A2 in the Bovine Placenta from Mid-gestation Through Parturition, Jay W. Call, Major Professor.
    • BS - Utah State University,Biology Department, Biology, Minor: Biochemistry, 1979.
  • Publications
    I have over 18 publications the following are the latest 10.
    1. Johnson, R.G., Young, A.J. and J.L. Walters, 2003.  Relationship of milk urea nitrogen and DHI production variables in western commercial dairy herds.  J. Dairy Sci. (in press).
    2. Swain, R.A., Young, A.J. and R.A. Kohn, 2003.  Whole-farm nitrogen balance on western dairy farms.  J. Dairy Sci. (in press).
    3. Swain, R.A., Young, A.J. and R.A. Kohn, 2002.  Whole-farm phosphorus balance on western dairy farms.  J. Dairy Sci. 86(2):688-695.
    4. Young, A.J. and J.L. Walters, 2002.  Relationship between DHI production values and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a measure of management ability. J. Dairy Sci. 87(8):2046-2052.
    5. Young, A.J., 2002.  Troubleshooting reproductive records to determine potential problems.  USU Extension Publication AG/Dairy-06.
    6. Young, A.J.  2002.  Troubleshooting records to determine udder health problems.  USU Extension Publication AG/Dairy-05.
    7. Young, A.J.  2002.  Using records to evaluate production.  USU Extension Publication AG/Dairy-04.
    8. Young, A.J.  2002.  Nitrogen budgets for your dairy.  USU Extension Publication AG/Dairy-02.
    9. Young, A.J.  2001.  Milk urea nitrogen test (MUN).  USU Extension Publication AG/Dairy-01.
    10. ZoBell, D.R., Young, A.J., B. Godfrey, 2001.  An accelerated feeding study for dairy beef steers, USU Extension Publication AG512.
  • Research Interests
    • Evaluating management decision processes as they relate to the effective and profitable function of a dairy.
    • Relations between environment and nutrition as they relate to milk synthesis and reproductive physiology of the cow.
  • Research Techniques
    • Radioimmunoassays (steroids)
    • Tissue Culture (explants and dispersed cells)
    • Enzyme Assays
    • Protein Assays
    • Centrifugation
    • Protein Isolation Techniques
    • ELISA Assay Development
    • Western Blots
    • Small Animal Surgeries such as Ovariectomies
    • Antibody Preparation
    • Lipid Isolation and Gas-Liquid Chromatograph
  • Teaching Development Courses Completed
    • Teaching on-line, internet course by taught on web by LERN, (USU, 2001).
    • College and University Teaching (HIED 547) (Oregon State University).
    • Extension Methods (EM 412) (Oregon State University).
    • Issues in College Teaching (INCO 950) (University of New Hampshire) (Including Writing Across the Curriculum).
    • 1995 Lilly Conference Northeast on College Teaching (University of New Hampshire).
    • 1995 Northeast Regional Teaching Workshop on Active Learning (Cornell University).
    • Advanced Computer Application in Dairy Workshop - Dallas, TX 1994.
    • 5th International Conference on Computers in Agriculture - Orlando, FL, 1995.
  • Abstracts
    1. A.J. Young and S.P. Tripp.  2003.  Association between production, feed and weather on a commercial dairy - a case study.  J. Dairy Sci. 86(Suppl 1):220 (Abst.).
    2. Young, A.J., S.C. Smith and S.P. Tripp.  2003.  Culling rate and death loss associations with DHI production values.  J. Dairy Sci. 86(Suppl 1):216 (Abst.).
    3. Swain, R.A., J.L. Walters, R.A. Kohn, and A.J. Young.  2001.  Whole-farm nitrogen efficiency and balance compared with the milk urea nitrogen test.  J. Dairy Sci. 84 (Suppl. 1):271 (Abst.).
    4. Johnson, R.G., J.L. Walters, and A.J. Young.  2001.  Relationship of milk urea nitrogen and DHIA production variables in western commercial dairy herds.  J. Dairy Sci. 84 (Suppl. 1):267 (Abst).
    5. Young, A.J. and K.L. Barker.  1990.  Effect of estradiol and progesterone on fatty acyl coenzyme A levels in the rat uterus.  Biol. Reprod. (Suppl. 1)42:73 (Abst.).
    6. Young, A.J. and L.V. Swanson.  1988.  Effect of GnRH or hCG at time of insemination of repeat breeder cows.  J. Dairy Sci. 71 (Suppl. 1):137 (Abst.).
    7. Young, A.J. and L.V. Swanson.  1986.  Effect of palmitoyl coenzyme A, polyamines, and acetate on glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in early lactation bovine mammary explants.  J. Dairy Sci. 69(Suppl. 1):204 (Abst.).
    8. Swanson, L.V. and A.J. Young.  1986. A dairy enterprise project teaching dairy management.  J. Dairy Sci. 69(Suppl. 1):150 (Abst.).
  • Proceedings
    1. Young, A.J.  Nitrogen and phosphorus balances for dairies in Utah and Idaho. 2002.  Utah Nonpoint Source Water Quality Conference, September 24-26, 2002.
    2. Young, A.J. and R.S. Spears.  2002.  Fate of nitrogen and phosphorus on dairy farms.  Proc. 4th Annual Intermountain Nutrition Conference, January 22-23, 2002..
    3. Young, A.J. and Boman, R.L.  1999.  Management intensive grazing of irrigated perennial ryegrass pasture for dairy cattle.  Proc. Intermountain Nutrition Conference, January 27, 1999.
    4. Young, A.J.  1998.  Economics of the decision-making process on a dairy.  Proc. Provo-DHI Annual Advisory Group Meeting and Workshop, November 4-5, 1998.
    5. Young, A.J. and Bedker, P.D.  1997.  Determination of learning styles as an aid to instruction in large classes.  Lilly Teaching Conference, September 1995.
    6. Young, A.J., Schwab, C.G., N.L. Whitehouse and M.T. Socha.  1992.  Feeding and milk quality.  Proceedings of 2nd International Feed Production Conference, Piacenza, Facolta di Agraria, Italy, February 25-26, 1992.
  • Newsletter and Popular Press Articles
    Note:  The USU Newsletter goes out to approximately 1150 people in 29 states plus the District of Columbia and Farm Times goes out to approximately 25,000 people in 7 states.

    I have over 101 articles below are the latest 10.
    1. Attributes Young Producers Look for in an Agrilender (Farm Times, December 2002).
    2. Implications of Expanding (Farm Times, November 2002).
    3. Uniformity of Total Mixed Rations and its Potential Economic Benefit (Newsletter, November 2002).
    4. The Changing Landscape of Dairying in the West-Part III (Farm Times, October 2002).
    5. The Farm Executive for the 21st Century (Newsletter, September 2002).
    6. Web Site of the Month - Merck Veterinary Manual (Newsletter, September 2002).
    7. The Changing Landscape of Dairying in the West - Part II (Farm Times, September 2002).
    8. The Changing Landscape of Dairying in the West (Farm Times, August 2002).
    9. Conventionally-grown vs Organic food: Dueling Banjos (farm times, July 2002).
    10. Death Loss of Lactating Cows - A Major Problem (Newsletter, July 2002).
  • Other Publications
    1. Young, A.J., Tripp, S. and Cady, R. 2000.  Northwest DHIA Summary of Trends in Herds Adopting Posilac 1 Step, Publication of the Monsanto Company.
    2. Godfrey, E.B. and A.J. Young.  Spreadsheet on the cost of using herd bulls on a per pregnancy basis (implication is the cost of using bulls vs. using A.I.).  1998 Utah Ag. Statistical Annual  Report.
    3. Godfrey, E.B. and A.J. Young.  Utah Dairy Situation, Western Dairyman (December 1998).
    4. Young, A.J.  The Energy Crunch, In Utah - Water and Electricity, Western Dairy News, June/July 2001.
    5. USU Dairy Extension Web Site developer and administrator.
    6. WebCT course for Dairy Management.
    7. The Dairyman's Spanish version of Palm Pilots using HanDBase program.
    University of New Hampshire
    • Editor of quarterly newsletter, Dairy Briefs; circulation of about 700.  It went to dairy producers, extension personnel, and industry, primarily in New Hampshire.
    • Buying that First Computer
    • Managing in Tight Times Series
      • Reproduction
      • Strategies for Forage Allocation
      • Culling Guide
    • Rethinking Responses to Multiple Milking Frequencies - also used by New England Dairy Extension Specialists as a consortium project.
    • Is There a Secret to Being a Good Manager? also used by Cornell Extension for its monthly DHI newsletter.
    Short Articles (unless otherwise specified, all printed in Dairy Briefs)
    • What is Biotechnology?
    • Dairy Herd Profile - also used by Cornell DRPC
    • Drug Residue in Milk Update
    • Changes in the PMO
    • Bovine Somatotrophin - A Year Later - Risky Business
    • Reasons for Drug Residue Problems
    • Are You Losing Milk Due to Oversights in Your Milking Routine?
    • Think Win/Win - written under my direction by a Senior Dairy Mgmt. student
    • DHIA Yearly Averages for New Hampshire (several years)
    • Notes from the Annual Meetings of the American Dairy Science Association
    • Have You Counted the Costs Associated With Heat Detection?
  • Presentations
    I have over 42 presentations the following are the latest 10.
    1. Young, A.J.  "Troubleshooting and Identifying Mastitis Problems",  Dairy producer meeting, Fallon, Nevada (November 19, 2002).
    2. Young, A.J.  "Nitrogen and Phosphorus Balances in Utah and Idaho", 2002 Utah Nonpoint Source Water Quality Conference (September 24-26, 2002).
    3. Young, A.J. and R.S. Spears.  "Fate of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Dairy Farms".  Proc. Intermountain Nutrition Conference (January 22-23, 2002).
    4. Young, A.J.  "Help! My Dairy is Falling Apart - A SCC Case Study", Montana dairy producers meeting (several locations) (November 2001).
    5. Young, A.J.  "Biosecurity and the Technician and Update on MUN Testing", Rocky Mt. DHIA Technician training for Montana Technicians, Bozeman, MT  (November 2001).
    6. Young, A.J.  "Trends in the Dairy Industry", DHI-Computing Annual Meeting, Reno, NV (November 2001).
    7. Young, A.J. "Help! My Dairy is Falling Apart - A SCC Case Study", Nevada dairy producers meeting, Fallon, NV (October 2001).
    8. Young, A.J.  "Synchronization Protocols for Reproductive Management", Nevada dairy producers meeting, Fallon, NV (October 2001).
    9. Young, A.J.  "Biosecurity and the technician and Update on MUN Testing".  Annual Technician Conference for Rocky Mt. DHIA, Provo, UT (June 2001).
    10. Young, A.J.  "Maintaining Control of Your Dairy By Using Records",  Montana dairy producer meeting, Great Falls, Montana (April 2001).
  • Graduate Students
    • Rhonda Swain, M.S., Dairy Nutrition, USU.  Thesis:  Whole-farm nitrogen efficiency and balance compared with the milk urea nitrogen analysis (2001).
    • Rachael Johnson, M.S. Dairy Management, USU.  Thesis:  The relationship of milk urea nitrogen and DHIA production variables in western commercial dairy herds (2001).
    • Scott Bascom, M.S. Animal & Nutritional Sciences, UNH.  Thesis:  Managing the Cow Culling Decision Process (1996).

Honors and Activities

  • Service
    • Developing computerized classroom learning aids.
    • Developing individualized curriculum for adult education.
    • Developing problem-solving curriculum (e.g. guided design, case studies) for teaching applied and basic agriculture.
  • Awards and Honors
    • New Specialist Award - USU Extension Specialists Association, 1998.
  • Membership in Professional Organizations
    • American Dairy Science Association
    • National Mastitis Control
    • The Dairy Practices Council
    • National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
  • Other
    • Hired by the AOAC Research Institute as an independent laboratory to test milk antibiotic residue test kits for FDA.