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Matthew Garcia

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Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences

Beef Specialist, Beef Cattle Genomics

Assistant Professor

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Office Hours: By appointment
Go toOffice Location: AGRS 239
DialPhone: 435-797-2144

Educational Background

MBA, Innovation Management, Portland State University, 2009
PhD, Animal Science/Animal Genomics, Washinton State University, 2005
MS, Animal Science/Animal Genetics, New Mexico State University, 2002
BS, Animal Science/Pre-Vet, New Mexico State University, 1998

Publications - Abstracts

    Publications - Books & Book Chapters

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      Publications - Fact Sheets

      • Stewart, E., Thacker, E., Garcia, M., Villalba, J., (2017). Understanding the Contributions of Beef Cattle to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Utah State University
      • Garcia, M., Heaton, K., Greenhalgh, L., (2017). Collection of Biological Material for Commercial Genomic Testing in Beef. Utah State University Electronic Publications
      • Garcia, M., Rood, K., Israelsen, C.E, (2017). Weaning Strategies in Beef Cattle to Reduce Stress. USU Extension

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      Publications - Curriculum

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        Publications - Journal Articles

          Academic Journal

        • Guo, H., Khan, R., Haidar, S., Ning, Y., Wei, D., Wu, S., Hosseini, S., Ullah, I., Garcia, M., Zan, L., (2018). KLF15 promotes transcription of KLF3 gene in bovine adipocytes. Gene, doi:
        • Miller, S., Mizell, M.S, Canal, A., Garcia, M.D, (2017). Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with bovine respiratory disease in a population of crossbred steers during the finishing process. Genetics and Molecular Research, 4, doi: doi:10.4238/gmr.15048861
        • Mizell, S., Miller, S.L, Royer, A.M, Thornton-Kurth, K., Garcia, M., Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms associated with growth and carcass traits located on QTL Regions previously associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease. Genetics and Molecular Research, 16:4
        • Garcia, M., (2016). Identification of SNPs located on BTA6 and BTA20 significantly associated with bovine respiratory diesease in crossbred cattle. Genetics and Molecular Research
        • Royer, A.M, Shivers, C., Riley, D.G, Elzo, M.A, Garcia, M.D, (2016). Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with carcass traits in a population of Brahman and Brahman-influenced steers.. Genetics and molecular research : GMR, 15:2
        • Anderson, J., Walker, R., Harborth, K., Garcia, M.D, (2016). Effects of weaning method and preconditioning period on calf performance, haptoglobin concentrations, feedlot health, performance and carcass traits. Professional Animal Scientist, 32, 279-286.
        • Hill, R., Canal, A., Bondioli, K., Morell, R., Garcia, M.D, (2016). Molecular markers located on the DGAT1, CAST, and LEPR genes and their associations with milk production and fertility traits in Holstein cattle.. Genetics and molecular research : GMR, 15:1
        • Garcia, M., (2016). A Comparison of F1 Steers Sired by One of Three Paternal Breed Types for Growth and Carcass Traits. EC Veterinary , 2:4, 177-181.
        • Davis, K.M, Smith, T., Bolt, B., Meadows, S., Powell, J.G, Vann, R.C, Arthington, J.D, DiLorenzo, N., Lalman, D.L, Rouquette, Jr, F.M, Hansen, G.R, Cooper, A.J, Cloud, J.E, Garcia, M., Herring, A.D, Hale, D.S, Sanders, J.O, Hairgrove, T.B, DeWitt, T.J, Riley, D.G, (2015). Digital quantification of eye pigmentation of cattle with white faces.. Journal of animal science, 93:7, 3654-60.
        • Garcia, M., (2014). A Quantitative Comparisson of Growth and Carcass Traits from Crossbred Calves Sired by Modern Phenotype Paternal Breed vs Calves Sired by a Multi-Generational Maternal Breed. WebMed Central
        • Garcia, M., (2014). Evaluation of Candidate Genes and Subsequent Effects on Growth and Carcass Traits in Multi-Generational Sired and Modern Sired Angus Females. WebMed Central
        • Casas, E., Garcia, M.D, Wells, J.E, Smith, T.P, (2011). Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the ANKRA2 and CD180 genes with bovine respiratory disease and presence of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis(1).. Animal genetics, 42:6, 571-7.
        • Garcia, M., Matukumalli, L., Wheeler, T.L, Shackelford, S.D, Smith, T.P, Casas, E., (2010). Markers on bovine chromosome 20 associated with carcass quality and composition traits and incidence of contracting infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.. Animal biotechnology, 21:3, 188-202.
        • Garcia, M., Thallman, R.M, Wheeler, T.L, Shackelford, S.D, Casas, E., (2010). Effect of bovine respiratory disease and overall pathogenic disease incidence on carcass traits.. Journal of animal science, 88:2, 491-6.
        • Thomas, M.G, Amstalden, M., Hallford, D.M, Silver, G.A, Garcia, M.D, Keisler, D.H, Williams, G.L, (2009). Dynamics of GHRH in third-ventricle cerebrospinal fluid of cattle: relationship with serum concentrations of GH and responses to appetite-regulating peptides.. Domestic animal endocrinology, 37:4, 196-205.
        • Jiang, Z., Michal, J.J, Chen, J., Daniels, T.F, Kunej, T., Garcia, M., Gaskins, C.T, Busboom, J.R, Alexander, L.J, Wright, Jr, R.W, Macneil, M.D, (2009). Discovery of novel genetic networks associated with 19 economically important traits in beef cattle.. International journal of biological sciences, 5:6, 528-42.
        • Thomas, M., Enns, M., Shirley, K., Garcia, M., Garrett, A., Silver, G., (2007). Associationsof DNA polymorphisms in growth hormone and its transcriptional regulators with growth and carcass traits in two populations of Brangus bulls. Genetics and Molecular Research, 30:6, 222-237.
        • Garcia, M.D, Michal, J.J, Gaskins, C.T, Reeves, J.J, Ott, T.L, Liu, Y., Jiang, Z., (2006). Significant association of the calpastatin gene with fertility and longevity in dairy cattle.. Animal genetics, 37:3, 304-5.
        • Jiang, Z., De, S., Garcia, M., (2005). An independent confirmation of quantitative trait locus for milk yield and composition traits on bovine chromosome 26. Animal Breeding and Genetics, 122, 281-284.
        • Jiang, Z., Wu, X.L, Garcia, M., (2004). Comparative gene-based in silico analysis of transcriptomes in different bovine tissues and organs. Genome, 47:6, 1164-1172.
        • Wu, X.L, Griffin, K.B, Garcia, M., Jiang, Z., (2004). Census of orthologous genes and self organizing maps of biologically relevant transcriptional proteins in chickens (gallus gallus). Gene, 13:340, 213-225.
        • Obeidat, B.S, Thomas, M.G, Hallford, D.M, Keisler, D.H, Petersen, M.K, Bryant, W.D, Garcia, M.D, Narro, L., Lopez, R., (2002). Metabolic characteristics of multiparous Angus and Brahman cows grazing in the Chihuahuan Desert.. Journal of animal science, 80:9, 2223-33.
        • Professional Journal

        • Garcia, M., (2015). Investigation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Located on 5 Candidate Genes and their Association with Tendon Injuries in a Population of Multi-Discipline Trained Horses. ECronicon Veterinary Science, 2:3, 118-123.
        • Garcia, M., (2015). Evaluation of single nucleotide polymorphisms on three candidate genes in a population of forage tested yearling bulls. Professional Animal Scientist
        • Public or Trade Journal

        • Royer, A., Shivers, C., Riley, D., Elzo, M., Garcia, M., (2016). Development of Molecular Markers to Improve Future Selection Methods for Carcass Traits in Brahman and Brahman Influenced Steers. American Brahman Journal
        • Royer, A., Shivers, C., Riley, D., Elzo, M., Paschal, J., Franke, D., Garcia, M., (2014). An evaluation of genetic trends over a 10 year period from data collected from the ABBA carcass evaluation program. Amercian Braman Breeders Journal
        • Howard, T., Bonioli, K., DeRouen, S., Garcia, M., (2013). Evaluation of 54 years of centralized performance bull testing at Dean Lee Research and Extension Center. AgCenter Bulletin Research PublicationB-893

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        Publications - Literary Journal

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          Publications - MultiMedia

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            Publications - Technical Reports

              Research Reports

            • Garcia, M., Thomas, M.G, Parker, R., (2004). 40 year trends in the Tucumcari Performance Bull test. USDA NMSU Ag Experiment Station Report

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              Publications - Other

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